mandag den 29. december 2014

When Pigs Fly - Winter poetry

Sometimes the customer and you go so well together, that it can develop.
I met Anne-Dorthe Rohde, she had me recommended as an illustrator. We got on very well and were both in the process of creating a product. Me doing my 12 FLOWERS calender 2015 and Anne-Dorthe her Poetry. So we were using each other very well in the process of pricing and selling, all these difficult things when you haft to do in the selling process. 
I am very grateful meeting Anne-Dorthe and drawing these wonderful packeting drawings.
You can buy them at Covershop

torsdag den 4. december 2014

Rosemary and the deerhunters

Rosemary and the deer hunters is an online magazine for everyone who loves food and drink as much as Rosemary an mr. Deerhunter

I had the pleasure to illustrate and hand lettering for this stylish online magazine, and working with these idealistic Norwegian bunch.