torsdag den 20. december 2012

Aarhus Theatre

Illustrations for Aarhus Theatre spring season magazine.
Anton Tjekhov, The Cherry Orchard.

fredag den 12. oktober 2012

mandag den 8. oktober 2012

onsdag den 5. september 2012

CPHmade webshop

CPHmade is embracing the best tradition in design from the very best 50+ craftsmen in the city of Copenhagen. I am one of them and now I also joined there webshop, so now its possible to buy my work as unique pieces in wet and wet and as drawings.

mandag den 3. september 2012

Artwork for Norlie

Norlie has used my drawings for there baby boy and kids boy collection autumn/winther 2012-13.
see more at

tirsdag den 29. maj 2012

torsdag den 10. maj 2012

The Friends of Jody Coyote By Mike Salisbury

Finally done the last drawing for Mike Salisbury story about Jody the Coyote. 
I have been drawing 10 illustrations for this fantastic story full of atmosphere.
Here are two of them. Please read the whole story at:

mandag den 30. april 2012

NEW personal work

I have lately been eksperimenting with watercolor, pencil and ink. Hope to get started on my personal project about mootherhood soon.

fredag den 23. marts 2012

Galleri CMYK

A place in the city 
Groupe exibition, CMYK kld, Jaegersborggade 51
15 marts til 15 april 2012