torsdag den 18. april 2013

Portrait for Discover-Deliver

Portrait of my uncle Jørgen Bækmark for Discover- Deliver, London UK
It was a special assignment to draw a portrait of my fathers older brother Jørgen.

Jørgen Bækmark was a member of the team established at FDB møbler by Børge Mogensen in the 1960s. Recently furniture manufacturer HAY has begun to manufacture some of these early FDB pieces—the J104 chair, originally designed by Jørgen Bækmark in 1966, being an excellent example.

onsdag den 17. april 2013

Queensberry Fine Printing

Illustrations for Queensberry Fine Printing, New Zealand.
I was to illustrate the good craftmanship at Queenberry Fine Printing

onsdag den 3. april 2013

New Artwork for Norlie

Once more I have provided Norlie childrenswear with artwork, 
a lot of skulls and dandruffs